Sonnet 001 – Poverty

Emmanuella Onyilofor (Nigeria, AC 09-11)

Cars at a standstill, the perfect condition

I grab Toks by the hand, he’s only five

The angry suns’ rays blur my seven year old vision

He clings to me tightly, into the traffic we dive.

Toks jerks my arm, toward a shiny black car

We stare into it solemnly, ready to beg and bless

My bare feet scream in pain from the burning hot tar

The rich lady waves us away, like she’s under some stress.

Toks stumbles and falls, I roughly pick him up

I didn’t mean to- but the road is unsafe for a child

Moving to another car, my tattered wrapper begins to drop

A girl sits in there, beautiful, could be my age,

I stare in and almost cry, emotions running wild

Wishing I could own a dress, like her, my heart fills with rage.

– United Words College Magazine –


One thought on “Sonnet 001 – Poverty

  1. wow, without being over-dramatic I was almost moved to tears not just because of the beauty and strength of the words but in sad happiness of knowing the hands that wrote them has so developed astonishingly.

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