Atlantic College International Show 2010

Yuho Fuji  (Japan, AC 08-10)   

On the 26th and 27th March, students of Atlantic College came together to present their cultures  in the annual International Show. The programme consisted of 21 performances including outstanding dances from all over the world, a folk song from Russia, a story from the US, a poem from Africa, a Norwegian sketch (received with warm laughter)and drumming from Sierra Leone — to mention but a few.

The days of hard work paid off well; each performance received great applause from the audience. Amongst the public were link families, church members and staff, all eager to see the talents of the student body. “I’ve seen a great many International Shows, but this was by far the best,” said one link father. “I really enjoyed the Tinikling Dance and Fishermen Dance. You have a lot of energy!”

The show came to a close with the customary Flag Ceremony. The students came forward one by one to the background music  “We are the World” by Michael Jackson. The stage soon filled with a swirl of colours from different flags – some waving vigorously, some gently- representing the diverse community at Atlantic College.

The event was organised by students from the Children’s Charities activity with the generous aid of the Art Centre. Stands were put up outside the door to promote the Save the Children movement, and other student groups  sold intricate items made of origami. They were able to raise a considerable sum of money, all of which will go towards the children affected by the recent Haiti Earthquake.

-United World College Magazine-


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