“Arava- Valley of peace” – UWC Short course in the Middle East

Niva Alush (Israel, iM 07-09)

While taking steps to create and build the Red-Sea College, its founding committee wishes to accelerate the process with a practical smaller-scale manifestation of its vision: The Red Sea Short Course.

The Red Sea’s Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba borders four countries- Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is now a corner or peace where in 1994 the late King Hussein of Jordan and the late Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin signed a peace treaty.

The short course “Arava – Valley of peace” emphasizes the participation of people from the Middle East region in addition to people from all around the globe. Together, we will discover the wonders of the Arava desert.

In these two weeks of exploration the students will investigate the peaceful arid zone of the Arava together with the “Arava institute for environmental studies”, spend three days in the most southern pint in Israel- investigating the Red Sea’s coral reef, experience a common village of Palestinians and Israelis living side by side and eventually finish in a multicultural experience in Jerusalem.

“The desert is a place where nations can unite. Here, people must help each other in order to survive” Igor Korezagin, Poland (short course of 92’)

The short course focuses on pressing environmental issues. This is based on the premise that we should all work together for a healthier planet. Students will also enjoy everything that nature has to offer; from hiking on impressive immense mountains to diving in the blue refreshing red sea water.

All 30 participants are planned to have adventurous learning experience, discovering different points of the environment each day and combining workshops on compassionate communication, leadership skills and peace-building.

The summer-camp that happened in 92’ was a great success as expressed by the students: “Before I came I only thought of the desert as a lonely, dry and windy place. I now realize that people can put their minds to it, thrive and develop a culture of their own here. This place became a friend” Mateo Ciarli, Italy (short course of 92’)

The short course will take place in August 2012. Together, we will expose an exciting side of Israel.

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Email: niva@redsea-college.org

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