Thoughts before arriving at Atlantic College

Hajar El Fatihi (Morocco, AC 10-12)

Since I started reading Harry Potter, I have always dreamt about being a wizard and being accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For a while I even thought it was real! That there was in the UK a castle where I could acquire magical skills, meet wizards from all over the world and learn to fight evil forces.

With time passing by, I forgot about Harry Potter and about my childhood dreams, till I heard about the UWC especially Atlantic College. I realized then that my childhood dreams could somewhat become reality; I would be attending a college in the United Kingdom with a castle, gardens and forests; I would meet people from all over the world with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, study a variety of subjects, learn to fight poverty, misery, racism and to create a more peaceful and sustainable world and future.

However, everything has its cost and the cost of the “harry potter dream” coming through a reality, would be to be far from family and friends, to completely change the life I lived so far. In a utopian and idealistic world, I would bring my family and my friends with me, but in this world nothing can be perfect! And I think that sometimes we have to sacrifice things we love the most to reach our goals. Consequently, I hope I could make a lot of friends there who will be my second family.
Finally, by attending Atlantic College, I believe and hope I can, not just exhaust my dream, but also contribute to the diversity of cultures and help others understand and believe that we are all fellow travelers walking side by side to reach a better world.

-United World College Student Magazine-


6 thoughts on “Thoughts before arriving at Atlantic College

  1. Well congratulations Hajar! You will have your Hogwarts dream come true but this time its not plainly “magic” that you will learn but the “magic of internationalism and peace”. Sad to say that there is no firstie from the Philippines this year but we have a second year there. So, you will still have a full blast of diverse cultures! Make the most of your Atlantic experience and after 2 years, you’ll graduate as a skilled “UWC wizard|. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. A hidden truth of life
    “It is always the end of something that makes your realise how beautiful the beginning was….
    keep going my good Fri, May god help us to realise our true wish…Xo xo!

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