The whole world for two years

Julmar “July” Carcedo, Jr. (Philippines ,LPC 2010-2012)

Today, July 16 of 2010, I just got home from my last immunization appointment with my doctor. I checked my joining papers and I sighed with relief. Its finally done. All I need to do is to send these papers to Li Po Chun UWC. I have 51 days left to stay here in my hometown and I will start a new adventure in Hong Kong soon.

As I started writing this article, I still couldn’t believe that I will ever have a chance to go out of the Philippines. I am an ordinary boy with an ordinary life here in Southern Mindanao, Philippines. You will never, ever imagine how UWC changed my life in an instant. Instead of being stuck here in the boondocks without any chance of exploring things around the world, I now have an opportunity of a lifetime.

My dream, aside from my dream of being part of US’ reality show “Survivor”, is to be immersed in a place with multinational people and discover their cultures even for just a small period of time. I always wanted to drown myself with the world at once. I want them to know the Filipino culture from a Filipino and not from stereotypes or from racial jokes said by comedians. It has been inside my heart for a long time —- the fire of the UWC spirit.

UWC has been my Unexpected Wish Consignor or my Unique World Changer. I love UWC because it is striving for international understanding, celebration of difference, compassion and service. Among all those, UWC will make my dream a reality. This time it’s not “just a small period of time” but for 2 exciting years. Plus, I will be in a place with an exceptional combination of East and West, Hong Kong.

Going to Li Po Chun this September 2010 will be the rainbow after the rain. The farewells that I’ll be giving will be quite of a “rain” for me. Since, I have lived here in our small, old village for 16 years of my life and I have never been away from my family. But I do believe that my upcoming UWC experience will be worth it.

The UWC life that I will be into will be a very unpredictable journey. I’ll do my best to share the Filipino culture to my “comrades”. The academic pressure will not exhaust us as long as we enjoy our undertakings together. Goodluck to my co-incoming firsties around the world. “The whole world for 2 years” is coming soon.

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-

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