Life-changing? Only if you make it.

Mary Hui (Hong Kong, LPC 10-12)

The unknown of the future and the reality of the present. These are what will shape my UWC experience.

For sure, there will be aspects about our coming two years of UWC education that we are certain of, but there will also be aspects which we shall know nothing of until they occur. The truth is that none of us zero-years will know, exactly, just how our next two years of education will ultimately play out.

I, for one, would very much like to become a better person striving for a better world at the end of my two year stint at LPCUWC. I would like to believe that I will procure an international and intercultural mindset, that I will be an ardent celebrator of difference, that I will have become a seasoned veteran in mutual responsibility, respect, compassion and integrity.

Yet it isn’t for me to decide whether I will really achieve these lofty ideals. What will decide between success and failure is the future and what it holds. And the future, as we all know, is an unknown. Thus, this aspect – what I will achieve – is also an unknown.

What I do know, however, is that I will persevere and be tenacious throughout the course of trying to achieve my goals. I will endeavour to seize every moment, rise to every occasion and harness every opportunity. Having lofty ideals and ambitious goals is good, but not so if I become so enthralled with the unknown future that I loose track of the present reality.

For me, it’s only going to be life-changing if I go out of my way to make it so.

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-


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