My long-awaited exposure to a brand new world

Inara Sunan Tareque (Bangladesh, LPC 10-12)

21st December 2009, that was the first time when I heard my friend utter those three life-changing words, “United World Colleges”. Here is a glimpse of our conversation:

“Hey Inara, why didn’t you show up at school today? We had to fill up some forms. This was our first step towards getting enrolled into one of the United World Colleges.”

I replied, “United World Colleges; what’s that?”

“Oh, there are thirteen United World Colleges scattered all across the globe. Studying in a UWC is very prestigious. Only geniuses manage to get in!”

What was my response?

I blatantly replied, “Well, that’s fine. But I don’t think I’m genius enough. Plus, I don’t want to leave home so early.”

I laugh at myself when I reminiscence that conversation.

Not before long, I ascertained innumerable details and facts about UWC from the internet. Within a fraction of a second, thanks to technology, I was reborn with a completely new mentality. I was more than willing to transcend the boundaries of my home, and begin the amazing journey that UWC has to offer.

I was head over heels for becoming a part of UWC.

I completed all the required formalities and waited for a call from the National Committee. And voilà! Soon, I was asked to take an exam and interviewed subsequently.

16th March 2010, I got the good news. Overwhelmed by feelings of joy, I was screaming, jumping and running here and there like a lunatic person. Tears of joy welled up my eyes and soon overflowed. I felt as though all of it was a dream, the most beautiful dream that I ever had. Everything seemed too good, too perfect to be true. But deep down inside, I did not want it to be a dream; I longed for it to be the reality. I still cherish that moment. It was glorious.

From the month of May, my pre-UWC life began. I spent hours on Facebook, socializing with my co-years, second years, and even third years. I took part in discussions, wrote in people’s “walls”, posted “comments”, and what not! As time rolled on, I made more and more friends. At present, I can strongly say that I have already made some amazing UWC buddies, who will be by my side through all the ups and downs of my life. Thank you UWC, for bestowing this priceless gift upon me, even before the commencement of my long-awaited journey there.

At present, I believe that I am on the verge of experiencing the best two years of my life. UWC will mould me into a much more responsible, knowledgeable, and hardworking individual. I will try my best to savour each and every bit of this exposure to a brand new world. UWC will inevitably be my second home.

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-


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