Swallows, clouds and sunshine

Laszlo Perge (Hungary, LPC 10-12)

I am lying in the green grass and watching the vast sky above me.

A swarm of swallows are playing in the overcast sky. They usually visit our house in summer, with their nests around. I love them, they mean a lot to me. Since I got accepted to LPCUWC I feel like a swallow. A swallow that flies away, breaks away, leaves its home and starts a great journey, a new life.
A journey with a purpose.

I was brought up in a Hungarian village of 3,000, then a town of 57,000. My inner curiosity has never let me be satisfied with my home place. I was yearning for anything new and different, something I could never imagine before. I wanted to escape the grey clouds. I needed impulsion, inspiration, idealism and creativity in people. Things I could barely find in my old buddies. Hearing about UWC was the first glimpse of sunshine and hope of reaching my dreams. I went for it and I already reached them. Having a hundred fresh friends on Facebook and piles of joining papers have meant that so far. I already had hilarious conversations and made big plans for the future. I know I should be happy…

However, clouds are still growing in the sky of my heart, soul. Dreams come with a price at some point. Now, the price is immense challenge. Being the only Hungarian at Li Po Chun’s international atmosphere brings me to the verge of excitement. Or I am like a little leaf in the jolly jungle of Hong Kong.

Representing a not very well known country and culture on the other side of the world scares me in a sense. I would like to share it, what’s more make my mates understand what it mean to be a Hungarian. For example, to understand that “goulash equals Hungary” is not necessarily true. It is more than you think.

Knowing that sunshine erases every cloud fills me with relief. A swallow never loses direction, it does find its way through the clouds. So will I, hopefully.

The sun shines on my face and I have to stop staring at the sky.
Confucius creeps into my mind and tells me in his peaceful manner:
“Wherever you go, go all with your heart.” Maybe it is my sunshine. What is yours?

Still, feelings are intense. Words are inadequate to express the forthcoming UWC experience.

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-


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