Dedicated to those that have gone, and those that are to come.

Graduation. 25th May 2010. AC 08-10

There was never any silence. There was never any time for that. Instead we set up a magnificent stage. And the show began with the loud banter of pots and pans.There were anxious looks all across the set, but even in that, the excitement hung heavy in the air. And it infected us all.

And in that chaos there was a welcoming. And what a welcoming it was. The wheels of the bus rolled in, and the crowd gathered round. The old welcomed the new with all the enthusiasm they could muster. And so, there was color that exploded everywhere and the set was richer and livelier and fuller than ever before. It seemed as though we had imagined this whole thing, because it was almost too good to be true, and we were left gaping. Had it not been for the hard stones of the castle, we would have believed that this was a dream.

And so began the days in-between. It was in those days that our feet walked on Main drive and softened its concrete. Our names appeared on the castle walls in permanent marker. And we found comfort in people who we now call friends. Our judgments shattered before us, they were reduced to ash. And in that pile, a spark was seen. The spark of friendship set ablaze. And so, in the days when we were ready to fall back with exhaustion, drowning in the waves of commitment, we found our anchors. Our friends became our rocks and we leaned on them.

And in that we learnt how to love and give and most importantly, we learnt how to live.

That was how we started our show.

And now. Tonight, is when we beg leave. This is our grand finale.

The stage is now empty, but there is a table standing under the spotlight where we once sat together and it speaks of our former glory. Empty glasses sit on the table. They tell a tale of when our lips touched their rims. The napkins are stained, and the plates are now clean though once we ate from them. And the sky is now dark and cloudy, even though when we sat there it glistened with stars. It witnessed the strengthening of friendships and the eternalizing of memories that are now a permanent part of our lives.

And in the silence of this leaving, the table speaks of us. It speaks of the show we put on. For we all assumed roles within the production. And now, each one of us takes away a different memory. For each one of us has known and loved a different part of this universal experience.

And we committed ourselves to the execution of this show completely. We have known it on a more personal and even more deeper level than anyone in the audience. Because we gave ourselves over to it fully in the hope that one day, it would come back to us. That one day it would matter. And today it has mattered. Because our show has only known magnificence.

As the curtains are being drawn, the applause is deafening. And it echoes into the distant future. Its memory still lingers in our minds.

For we put on the most glorious show, and we did it together.

To those that are left behind. Make sure that you bang your pots even louder. That you write your names in ink even clearer, That you dream even greater, and in that unite together to execute your own show that is even more magnificent than ours. So that when you bow before the audience, you don’t just get an applause, but a standing ovation.

– United World College Student Magazine-


One thought on “Dedicated to those that have gone, and those that are to come.

  1. That was an amazing piece. Im left so inspired! im joining this lpcuwc year, and so i will most definitely take your advice with me.
    good luck for the future (:

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