Ramadan in Atlantic College

Hajar El Fathi (Morocco, AC 10-12)

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. It is the month of fasting, in which Muslims stop eating, drinking or having sexual relations from dawn until sunset.

Actually, this year Ramadan was a bit different but so special in AC. It was amazing that I didn’t even feel like I am in a non Muslim country. We woke up every day, like we would back home, to eat before sunrise, and broke fast at sunset in the dining hall together joined by other students who also tried out fasting this year. The school prepared the meal for us every day and didn’t forget to give us some food for shour –the meal before sunrise. After breaking fast we could go to the Gruy room to pray if we wanted. Everyone was encouraging and tried their best to fit our needs into daily life. After a month of fasting, we celebrated Eid on Thursday and Friday. Once with just students who celebrated on the same night as the Jewish New Year, which I think was incredible: seeing two different cultures who are in conflict being able to celebrate together here in Atlantic College, taking a step towards a more peaceful world.

On the last day all of us Muslims went to Cardiff together, prayed the Eid’s prayer then had a communal lunch, and spent the rest of the day celebrating Eid.

I can actually say that I have never imagined that Ramadan in AC would be that magnificent! I spent the whole summer dreading and stressing about how it would be, and I think that I was worrying for no reason because this Ramadan was one of my best so far; it was fantastic!

-United world College Student Magazine-


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