The Agitated People

Ho Wang (Adrian) Leong (Hong Kong, AC 10-12)

The city was in mourning after the controversial incident which took place in the Philippines. Eight innocent travelers from Hong Kong were shot dead in a coach by an ex-Pilipino policeman, while the Filipino government refused to apologize despite its and its police force’s incompetence shown in the course of the event. The officials in the Philippines have yet to carry out an investigation and give a satisfactory explanation of the murdering that took place in their country, leaving the families of those unfortunate victims in the incident in despair.

Eighty thousand angered people took their discontent to the streets of Hong Kong a week after the mishap, in an organized and civilized manner; Political parties upholding different ideologies set their differences aside, and made possible an almost an unprecedented demonstration demanding a swift investigation and accurate account of what had actually happened, and perhaps most importantly, an apology from the Filipino government.

It was as hot as thirty degrees Celsius on that day; protesters were either in black or white. Not a single slogan was heard during the whole demonstration, silence represented resentment and sympathy; tears and sweat dampened the clothes of those who were brave and keen enough to stand out and withstand the heat; yellow ribbons were tied up in a park, they carried the blessings and wishes from Hong Kong.

Before the march began, the crowd observed three minutes of silence. After that, the chairperson of the Legislative Council spoke to the public revealing how shocked and sad he was to hear such an incident to happen. He condemned the Filipino government’s “fundamental mistakes” when handling the accident, and urged the Filipino government to investigate the truth, apologize, and be involved in the investigation in order to give a full report to the victims’ families. Lastly, he brought up the need of a standard set of procedures to follow when confronted by such events, so as to offer support to the victims’ families.

How unfortunate are those who were on holiday when they were killed or injured by the kidnapper? How even more unfortunate if they cannot rest in peace owing to a missing proper explanation from the Filipino government to their family? On the other hand, how fortunate are those who have their family intact and well? While we mourn for the unfortunate victims and their family, let us not neglect how blessed we are to have loving and caring parents.

May the victims rest in peace.

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-


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