A Good Start Makes Everything Easier

Ho Wang (Adrian) Leong (Hong Kong, AC 10-12)

What better ways to mingle and meet new friends than going on a camp together? Although some might complain that it was a rush to leave right after the day of arrival, it was certainly a joy to be given a chance not only to experience exciting physical challenges, but also meet new friends and introduce ourselves to others.

It came as a shock to everyone– new people, new teachers and instructors, new location, even a new weather. We weren’t given a lot of time to ruminate about what’s going on; we were buried into conversations with new friends and led to activities the whole time. Although these few days were somewhat intense and packed, not many would deny that all of us had a lot of fun and made many new friends.

Among all the activities, I enjoyed coasteering the most. Although it was very chilly in the morning, the fun and memorable maneuvers we did were what made a deeper impression in my mind. I can never forget walking almost vertically down a wall; it was an experience of a lifetime. Towards the end of this activity, we each jumped into the ocean meters below us. Terrifying as this sounds, the sensation I experienced in the fall was exceptional.

Every now and then, we can always refer back to things that happened during the camp to our friends and have a good laugh. We are truly grateful for the effort and time that our second years and instructors put into organizing this camp and making it such a great success.

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-


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