3 days till departure.

Two Atlantic College students, Laura and Lindsay, are attending the COP16 conference in Cancun. They have kindly allowed United Words to publish their blog entries from before, during and after the conference. The original entries can be found on http://atlanticcollegeatcop16.blogspot.com/.

 Laura Emily Rigell (USA, AC 09-11), Lindsay Riddoch (Scotland, AC 09-11)

We’re slightly too excited by the idea of having a blog to form a coherent passage on our impending departure.
So a little bit of background. I (Laura) am going to COP16 with the US youth delegation- Sustain US.  I am slightly intimidated by the concept of attending a UN negotiation, though I have always been excited by model UN and the UN building in NYC.  Fear:  that the youth/realistic people’s opinion will not be taken seriously; and that I will be emotionally overwhelmed (this is certain).  Hope:  that I will learn from the experience, so that I will have a better ability to have a positive impact on addressing climate change in the next few years of my life.
And I, Lindsay, (I can tell this is going to get confusing) am attending the conference with the UNfair play delegation. We have been kindly sponsored by Global Changemakers (http://www.global-changemakers.net/) in order to help the underrepresented delegates have their voices heard in Cancun. Along with a number of other United World College students I plan on doing anything I can to help make the United Nations system as fair as possible. Fear: that we will fail to secure any kind of deal at what could be our last opportunity. Hope: That I will learn enough to teach idealistic young people how to have influence in the real world.

Blue skies.

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-


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