Critical Engagement

Hajar El Fatihi (Morocco, AC 10-12)

Identity, diversity and global justice are three thematic workshops that critical engagement has emphasized in this 2nd mission period. Critical engagement is a program of workshops based on discussions and forums. It intends to help students learning other ways of thinking about different aspects of life in general, critical thinking, and constructive communication.

Identity is, actually, a word that is indefinable. Every individual sees it in a particular way. In fact, the person’s identity can refer to two aspects. The first one is the person’s self affiliation to a cultural, religious, or national group. The second one is how the person sees himself as an individual. However, since humans are different from each other, individuals can’t reflect, necessarily, the group they are part of. This misinterpretation leads to a lot of prejudices and thus a stereotype image.

On the other hand, diversity is in my opinion what makes the beauty of the world. And, being part of the UWC community initiates students in commemorating multiculturalism. Unfortunately, diversity is often considered to be a source of conflict. Why? That was a question we essentially discussed. Some said because there is no mutual respect, others blamed fear of the strange and others charged patriotism, extreme nationalism and love of governance and power.

At the same time, violence, poverty, wars, diseases, lack of natural resources and the huge difference between the west and the east are challenges that ruin the world.  With all these global issues that the world is facing, citizens of the world started asking themselves if isn’t it time to stop the clock, think about these problems and try to solve them. Global justice is a dream that all citizens of the world aim at; it implies a lot of work and therefore a lot of responsibilities. Sadly, it also involves controversies: Should western countries force their ways of living? Do people owe more to their community than to the world? Should human rights be universally enforced?

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-

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