Hope of justice in Kenya after post election violence in 2007

Vincent Mwashumbe (Kenya, AC 10-12)

 The perpetrators of the post-election violence that rocked Kenya’s reigning peace and shocked the international community were named by the ICC (International Criminal Court) chief prosecutor in December. The six named are considered to bear the greatest responsibility for the violence that erupted in 2007.

What the Kenyans feared is the referral of the hearing to a local tribunal. The option of Kenya opting out of the Rome Statute and then claim that Kenya is no longer bound to cooperate with the ICC worried some. Though their fellow politicians may attempt to plot a way out for the Ocampo six, the new constitution has closed the loopholes they hoped to pass through. The new constitution has put the power in the mwanainchi (citizen). Kenya’s new constitution creates a strong hold for any such attempts. Unlike its predecessor the constitution incorporates International law as part of the Kenyan Law. Amending article, which in cooperates the general rules of international law as part of the Kenyan Law, would require a referendum. Public confidence in the International Criminal Court remains high, a report, carried out between July and October, shows.

The government has also strengthened the office of the Director of Public prosecutions (DPP) to ensure it successfully tries the suspects who will not be charged at The Hague-based court.

 “The ICC covers the perpetrators who bear the gravest responsibilities. Other suspects will have to be tried at the national level and for this to succeed, we require an independent directorate of criminal investigations manned by competent, skilled and committed staff,” the AG stated.

As we hope for justice and relay our thoughts about the situation to each other, we wait in anticipation for the prosecution of the perpetrators of peace. Time will tell.

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-


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