Ilya Andrushchenko (Russia, AC 10-12)

As many of you may know 24 of January, 2011, there was a terrible example of human behavior demonstrated in Moscow, Russia. If you still don’t know what I am talking about, I mean the terrorist’s attack committed in the Domodedovo airport.

 I don’t want to describe the attack itself too much because what this person did is just awful. Basically there was a man who brought an explosive substance with a mass of 7 kg in a suitcase to the arrival terminal. He was a suicide bomber from Northern Caucasus (southern Russia), so after he blew up the bomb, he obviously died and injured dozens of people around him. In total there are 35 deaths and more than 160 injured. In the list of those who died, there are 27 Russian citizens and 8 who are from Ukraine, Latvia, Austria, Great Britain etc.

This act of terror had a huge influence on the population of Moscow and other close regions and even on some countries around. But for me it has an intimate meaning, because Domodedovo is my actual home town and this airport is the one I use on most occasions leaving home. In the history of the airport this attack is not the first one. Six years ago two planes which flew from there, were hijacked by four female suicide bombers (two in each plane). These women were able to board the planes because guards from the airline company did not check them in and then the Russian government reacted by heightening airport security and improving the security systems. This is frustrating because the government was not proactive in installing all these security measures before such a devastating incident occurred and hundreds of lives were lost.

 In the spring of 2010 another bombing took place. This time around it was in Moscow underground railway stations – the most crowded places in the city. Three explosions once again by terrorists from Northern Caucasus, in three different points, but on the same line and all three blew up in a very short time. Yet again countless lives were lost!

 I can mention more examples of these dreadful acts, and I am sure that I can name at least ten of them during the last ten years. Hypothetically speaking, if once a year there is an act of terror that happens in your country many people continuously live in fear and panic because of the looming threat of another attack and this is incited by watching your government doing almost nothing in terms of preventative measures. Actually, they do something, but as we can see, that something is always too late.

uring the Peace and Conflict Conference held within Atlantic College, we were discussing similar situations and arguing different points. One of the questions asked was – “What is the point of terrorism?” Many people tried and are still trying to explain it. My point of view is that there is no reasonable explanation that can excuse this horror!

-United World Colleges Student Magazine-


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