“Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often, and for the same reasons”

Campaign speech for the position of Chair of the UWC AC Student Council by Bill Drexel on the 31st Jan 2011. Bill was successfully elected as Chair of the UWC AC Student Council from 2011-2012.

Bill Frederick Drexel (USA, UWC AC 2010-12)

My fellow classmates,

I was once told that politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often, and for the same reason. However, I do not think that is the case here, and I would first of all like to thank Kanika for her hard and dedicated work this term.

Anyways, last term I was involved in both North American and Brit national evenings, Cinderfella, the creation of the Sunley hoodie, and pulled off Harry Potter Day. I have worked on the overhaul of the IQ application system, was elected and have served on student council here as well as at home having been elected president of my class for the last 3 years, and have worked closely with Tristan in the development of Mission Based Classes, a potential new addition to the AC diploma. This all being said, I have cared deeply for the future of AC, know how to organize my time well, and understand the procedures of Student council etc. etc. all those things which you would expect to hear in a typical chair campaign speech. However, that is not what I want to focus on.

Because, the truth is that when you are running against a crowd as spectacular as these candidates, all of us would do our best to represent the requests of the student body well as it has been of years past.

It is my conviction that this representation has been good, but in many ways incomplete, and it is my aim to run the student council in a radically different fashion, because after conversations with both Neil and Stephan Cox, I realize the full extent to which we have to capability to take part in these changes.

And thus before us are two options. We can continue to use the student council as a pathway for discussion on Administrative issues, or we can critically engage with the mission and begin to play a part in the future of AC.

To this end, if you would like to see this year’s student council not only be a pathway for student representation to the administration, but also a mission oriented forum for the vision of a student body dedicated towards the future of both AC and UWC, if you believe we have the creativity to resolve this school towards a more powerful worldwide impact, I would really appreciate your vote. Thank you.


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