Everything happens for a reason

Musa Suhailie, Velda Emma Johny, Francisca Lina and Jumainah Bakri ( Malaysia, exchange program, UWC AC March 2011)

Everything happens for a reason, and these opportunities will never come as a second time for us. Our two weeks period seemed like two years. We have been making friends with a lot of students and staff members, right here in AC. The services that we have joined, really opened up our mind, and had given us a lot of unforgettable experiences. We knew that this experience should not be wasted. All that we could do is take it as an experience which could be applied to our college, TCS.

We are really thankful because we have been given the chance to be a part of the International Show. We felt as if we were part of the AC community. We have really enjoyed the beautiful scenery here especially around the castle. We even freaked out the first time when we heard about the ghost of Lady Anne. The people in AC have been very really nice towards us. Although we have been joining their classes, and could not afford to lend a hand in contributing our ideas in the discussions, yet, they were still enjoyed our company. Smiling faces were everywhere, and not to forget, they always make us feel like home. We did miss out hometown when we were there, but not as much as we missed AC now because coming back here is impossible for us.

The experience that we have gained for the past two weeks will help us in our lives and become a part of our everlasting memories. From bumping into you guys to knowing each and everyone of you, was the greatest experience of all. We are going to miss everyone.

We had learned a lot of things here. We did EMC’s mountain boarding, nursery, lambing and so on. We had so much fun with the students and staff members. People in AC were so nice to us. The food was awesome even though it was different from what we are use to.

As for the ‘Bake Sale’ and ‘Carnival Sale’, we were glad that most of the students have enjoyed it. We want to thank you guys for the support that you have given us. We had also learned copious amounts of language here, and we loved it a lot. All the Malaysian Summer Project participants were a group of upstanding people. We have seen their commitments and willingness towards the project. We believe that they would do their best in TCS, this coming June. We will do our best for all of you, making sure that you will enjoy the Borneo experience.

We have enjoyed the hospitality in AC and will forever remember it. Thank you for the amazing memories. Thank you for the unforgettable moments. Thank you for the wonderful friendships and most of all, thank you for making us a part of your community.


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