My Journey is about to begin

Vilayvann KY (Cambodia, LPC 2011-2013)

When I submitted my application to the National Committee, I had little hope of getting the scholarship because the selection procedures seemed so competitive and challenging. On January 16th, I went for the first round selection test. A month later, I learnt that I had gotten through the first stage and I had to go for the second round on February 19th, which didn’t only include written tests and interviews but also the interaction test. I was extremely tired because of the continuous activities, but that one day was a memorable experience for me. Our national committee said to us “This is a UWC experience”. I was very nervous after the test. I couldn’t describe my feeling. I was just too anxious and tired to say anything. I silently waited for the result. Soon afterwards, it was released and my heart was overwhelmed with joy as the NC called my name and told me that I had gotten through the second round. I couldn’t stop smiling! However, I was sorry for those who didn’t get through. The next day was the final round test and it included the interviews and a presentation. I believe I did well in the presentation but I was still nervous after the test. Perhaps, I wanted this scholarship so much. When I was informed that I was nominated to Li Po Chun UWC, all the excitement came to me. I searched the school, looked at its website and found my future co-years on ‘facebook’.

One thing that will certainly strike me is homesickness. It will be my first time I leave home for such a long period and I’m not ready yet, but I believe UWC will be another home for me and I’m sure I will overcome my homesickness. What I cannot wait to do at UWC is to meet new people of my age, sharing each other’s cultures and participating in community services. I have the impression that life at UWC will be an adventurous and fascinating journey while having the opportunity to grow independently.


9 thoughts on “My Journey is about to begin

  1. If it any consolation, 40 years ago when I went to AC I was home sick as well for a few weeks. Not so much for the people I had left behind but because I had come from a place where I was a good student, to one where I was OK. What blow! But then I got involved in rugby (we seldom won) and Rescue Boats ( I was a boat captain), and I never looked back! To this day, some of my best memories are from those two years – enjoy!

  2. I find this magazine by chance. And I want to leave something about me.
    First of all, I want to introuduce my circumstance to you. My name is Funa.I am a Chinese student whose hometown is in Shandong Province, Mainland China. However, I have to say that there are some differences between the normal students in China and me. My parents moved to Beijing to earn our living before I was born. And when I was six years old I went to Beijing,too.I spent all my School Years in Beijing in seven different migrant school. The education background for me is complex.Now I am a high school student. And there are a big problem that I have to solve. I don’t have the registered residence of Beijing, so I can’t take the College Entrance Examination in Beijing. I have to go back to my hometown to take the exam, but there are plenty of differences in the exam between Beijing and my hometown. So it is a very difficult situation for me. I understand the reason why the government set up this regulation. It is a registered residence protective policy. But I really want to continue my studying. I want to change not only my life but also all the migrant students’.
    My principal mentioned UWC and told us that we can apply this school. I am so delighted to know the news. Recently, I got the chance to have the interview for LPCUWC and also my two classmates. Now, I am occupied with the Application and the interview. Hopefully, we can catch the opportunity to go to LPCUWC.

  3. Hi Vilayvann, I’m Sophia Aliza from Malaysia and I’m going to UWC LPC this year as well! I’m feeling the exact way you are feeling- thoroughly excited but nervous to the core! See you there soon and hope we’ll be able to enjoy the UWC experience together 🙂

    1. Hey Sophia,this is Salma from Kenya,East Africa.Happened to come across this site and guess what I see,you,Vilayvan anf Funa.Why is that a big deal?Because I too will be living home in 2 months for LPC!Look forward to seeing all of you!

  4. Hi, I’m Natasha, and I’m from Australia. I’m in Year 10 at the moment, and I can’t wait till the beginning of next year so I can finally submit my application to UWC. I was wondering if you guys can answer of my questions 🙂
    So I’d like to know if you can choose to go to whichever UWC you want. I read you were nominated to go to the HK UWC. I’d love to go to UWC Maastricht, but do you have to be -nominated- to go there, or are you given a choice?
    Thanks for your time, and I hope you guys are enjoying/have enjoyed your time at UWC!

    1. Hey Natasha,

      As far as I’m aware, it depends on your national committee. Each country has slightly different arrangements and it depneds on how the Australian National Committee decides. Generally speaking, you would be able to indicate your preference when applying, but the ultiamte choice is with the National Committee.

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