Hogwarts College

Amy Clark (UK, UWC AC 2011-2013)

From the very beginning of the application process, UWC seemed like a dream. Even during the interview, when I was sleeping in Atlantic College itself, UWC didn’t seem altogether real to me.

Now, Atlantic College is only 78 days away, and it’s finally beginning to sink in.

A lot of people have told me that Atlantic College looks like Hogwarts. I’ve been told to remember my wand, to say ‘hi’ to Harry Potter and to send people sweets from Honeydukes. However, for me, the comparison between Atlantic College and a school for magic goes far beyond the obvious castle and dungeons. For 11 year olds, getting a letter from Hogwarts is a dream. For us zero-years, the feeling towards our UW letters was similar, except in this case the letter actually arrived!

What can you say when a dream comes true? It’s such a rare occurrence, and now that it has happened, I’m at somewhat of a loss as how to react. There are so many emotions regarding Atlantic College. I’m so thankful that I get to be a part of the UWC movement. I’m scared, because I’m leaving home and pretty much everyone I know behind. I’m nervous about silly things, like the possibility of suddenly developing a snore and annoying my roommates and the fact that I’ll probably forget to do my own washing, leaving me with nothing to wear but old, dirty clothes.

Predominantly, I simply feel excited. I’m excited about services and finding out about all of them; I’m excited about the possibility of having a varied curriculum so I don’t have to give up languages for the sake of sciences, and I’m excited about the prospect of being able to get involved at a UWC and hopefully live up to the ethos. Most of all, I can’t wait to meet every person at Atlantic College. Talking to my future classmates on Facebook and having exceedingly helpful first-years answer our (many) questions has shown me that I will soon be living and working with the most wonderful group of people. In 94 days, we will begin our time at Atlantic College, and I for one cannot wait to pack my trunk, ready my owl and prepare for a huge adventure.


4 thoughts on “Hogwarts College

  1. That’s great! 🙂 I feel just the same, the feeling of not knowing how to react, how to actually believe it! I can’t wait!

  2. Hello lovely lovely zero year!

    It’s really wonderful to read this and be reminded of the emotional whirlwind that was the summer before my first year at AC. I think it’s safe to say that it has fulfilled all of my expectations and dealt out a fair share of wonderful surprises too. Here, you’ll learn about what it’s like to be loved by a family not related by blood, but by spirit. And it’s the most incredible feeling ever :).

    But make sure to spend a great deal of quality time with your friends and family at home beforehand, as once you arrive you will be swept off your feet.

    Lots of second-yearly love, Carys ( AC ’10 – ’12 UK)

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