Great Expectations

Abi Drummond (The Cayman Islands, UWC AC 2011-2013)

I live in a bubble. Granted, it’s a brilliant bubble on an amazing island. I could not imagine a better upbringing than of living in the Cayman Islands – where the beach is never more than five minutes away and you cannot go to the supermarket without seeing a familiar face. The idea of ‘broadening my horizons’ has always appealed to me and after the UWC presentation at my school I was completely infatuated. Explaining to friends the ‘Why’ factor of wanting to leave this bubble was not an easy feat; I didn’t try to start with as I simply assumed my application was a long shot with nothing lost in trying. When my acceptance was confirmed I actually dropped my phone. My friends were so proud and bear hugged me. My teachers (mostly English) have warned me incessantly about the sheep…my tutor went as far as to ‘BAAA’ at me every time I passed him in the hall. My mum, well she’s still looking for a loop-hole so I won’t have to leave the nest two-years before expected.

I may have three months to go, but my journey has already begun – cyberly. Meeting my co-years on Facebook and talking to two wonderful girls from Cameroon and Monte Carlo already is fantastic. My bubble is about to pop into something far greater than my comfortable, familiar life on my small Island home. I’m ready for challenges and to learn more about the world, to push the boundaries and work together in making that ‘difference’ that everyone seems to talk about mysteriously. I wouldn’t say I’m ignorant or unaware, just never been given the opportunity to experience things myself as I’m positive I will at UWC of the Atlantic.

The idea of a bubble is an interesting one…we’re all going to be sharing dorms, classes, food… blowing our own bubbles, popping others and chasing the best until they’ve risen higher than possible to stop.


2 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. Abi ! This is an amazing piece. I was so surprised when i saw myself mentioned. You’re an amazing personn. Cant wait to meet you !

  2. Hello, I’m a first year (that is on her way to become a second year in September), from the UWC Adriatic.
    I see myself and a lot of other UWCers in what you wrote. What I wanted to tell you, is that you are living in a bubble at home, but you might learn that UWCs are a bubble themselves! I mean this in a good way… such liberal, open spaces do not exist outside themselves. I faced this during the winter break, the first time I went away from the UWC bubble… there is something called “our world”, and “the world outside”. It’s not meant as- oh, we’re UWCers therefore we’re better-, no… but sometimes the college will just feel unreal, or too good. Well, it is truly there. For us, for everyone who’s living this experience. IT is there for two years. Waiting for us to take the best out of it, and give our best.
    Once we’re out, we will probably be confident with the fact that we can’t change the world: not alone. Talking to someone and sharing the values you will learn, will make that person think. What they can learn from you, can make them better people. It’s all about sharing. It is an experience that a small amount of people have and the best gift we can give is to share it with people that are close to us.

    I probably lost track, we were talking about bubbles, right?
    Well, what I am probably saying is: in two years, take the most colorful bubbles you will create at the UWC and share them with the world 🙂

    Luisa P.

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