Scattering realities

Luisa Peress (Solvenia, UWC Adriatic 2010-2012)

A poem written during UWC Adriatic’s 2011 Arts Week, a week devoted to music, theatre, visual arts and creative writing and poetry.

This week I decided to take a journey,
not knowing where it would have led me to.
What I learnt from it, is liberation. Freedom.
Not preventing me from myself ever again.

Behind the hidden path, I was not carrying the weight
of the backpack but the heaviness of dreams.
You know that fear, of leaving something
you still have not discovered behind you. Let it go.
How can someone move on walking backwards?

Love has millions of different forms,
sometimes they overlap. They can.
And as the clouds move away, a positive ending
will be rewritten. I’ll name it the beginning.

Your eyes are bright, is it all part of the role-play
or is this overcoming the borders between fiction and reality?
You shape the story: you’re shaped by it, with it.
You, are the director. Be someone else. Something else.

Counting. Every moment, I know something is going to happen.
But what if the next moment is the last one?
Fool everyone around, create a mask. An invisible
shelter between us. It works.

I clipped her wings. That’s why we can’t fly:
that’s the truth you’ve never been told.
If you had no one to stop you, you would just spread them.
But there is always someone. Or something. Or there is just you.

As kids we look at the world, knowing. But then we
grow up, and we forget.
We forget that distance is difficult to overcome,
but when it becomes invisible we are powerless.
What is power anyway? An illusion originated in our minds. Used
as a weapon to control us.

We both stopped, glanced around. We knew the world kept spinning,
it had no reason to consider us. The unspoken words,
were a lethal weapon.
Rest, now. Try to hold on to me.

I thought that I would pull myself
away from the center of energy.
But you know, masks fall. Mine fell right in front of you.
Mind, actions and emotions came together in one gesture,
In one touch.
One look.


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