World Youth Peace Summit 2011

Jamie Stagg (Scotland/France, UWC AC 2009-2011)

Left to Right: Jamie Stagg, Marina Dudina, Pjotr Sauer, Colin Powell

The Summit was seemingly a mesh between the ideals of the Olympic Games and the UWC movement. With over 600 people coming from around 40 different countries (with Ireland bringing 90 of the 600), it was nowhere near as international as the melting pot of the campus that we became accustomed to during our two years at AC; however the event made up for this in the clarity and execution of its message: the promotion of cultural understanding through sports.

We were constantly kept busy. Between participating in our assigned sport and attending keynote speeches and workshops, we also found time to socialize and meet – amongst many others – a future ACer (whose name I forget) as well as Ernesto Gonzales – a peruvian co-year from Armand Hammer. This high level of activity assured that the bonds were quickly formed and long lasting.

My fondest memory, however, occurred whilst we were waiting for our photo with General Colin Powell. Standing in the conference room, UWC flag in hand, we were met by four or five people of varying age asking “So you guys went to a UWC ?!”, the curiosity and envy radiating from their faces. We all exchanged words and contact details before taking the photo and heading off to our seats. That’s what I love about UWC: you can’t escape the networking.

As for Mr. Powell, he’s a boss…


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