“Although I am not yet a UWC student, I feel like one already”

Sarunas Genys (Lithuania, 
UWC AC 2011-2013)

Although I am not yet a UWC school member, I feel like one already. Enrolling in Atlantic College this fall feels like an incredible privilege. Throughout the entire application process back in Lithuania, my native country, I felt like Atlantic College is exact place where I should end up. The first established UWC in the world, where the path to a better world filled with peace started. Castle, which dates back from the ancient times. Living on the edge of Atlantic ocean. All these things couldn’t be more appealing for me.

However, there are plenty of things that concern me. Will the academic syllabus be as rigorous as students claim it to be? How will the classes be like? But none of the concerns are linked to the people. I am 100 % sure that all of the students in the college will be outstanding personalities. I’m feeling truly blessed to be a part of the UWC community. Not only do these institutions give you a wonderful education, which enables you to one day study in prestigious universities around the world, but also the friendships and experiences that you go through in college. It may seem like I’m already a student at UWC, but I am just pretty confident that it’s what UWC will be all about.

All in all, I’m looking forward to joining Atlantic college in less than a month! I am already psyched to pack my stuff and leave for the adventure of a lifetime that others could only dream of!


One thought on ““Although I am not yet a UWC student, I feel like one already”

  1. You’re unbelievably lucky. I’m a Grade 9 student from Bangladesh, and its my dream to go to UWC (actually my dream is to find a cure for cancer, but UWC is my dream yellow road). I hope you have an amazing time at this amazing college and learn loads!

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