My soul departs towards the pavilion…

Rohma Zubair (Pakistan, LPC UWC 2011-2013)

I think well played, have I
The innings of my life
It has been a long journey
Oh my!

I shall not deny it
That now I have grown tired
In fulfilling my dreams, my wishes
And my desires

Some things I have accomplished
Yet in others I have failed
I don’t know in this journey of success
How far have I sailed

The future, I reverie
The past, I took forsake
I did not enjoy the present
That has been my biggest mistake

I fought with the conspiracy of greed
Walked an ever blurring line; between
Loyalty and betrayal, survival and destruction
Attack and retreat

It was too late
When I realized
I shouldn’t have
Trusted, thee

In this world where danger and deception dominate
No more do I trust my fate
Now my heart merely pumps the blood
It does not feel the emotion’s flood

For eternal rest and peace
As I yearn, I shout
The empire; My God, My Lord
Finally declared me out

With my bat tucked under my arm
I walk towards the pavilion
Finally my upper and lower eyelid entangle with each other
As I lay deathly still in serenity and calm…


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