Quotes from UWC AC second year camp

‘Challenge camp was awesome!!. The element of teamwork and getting to know people who were not necessarily in former friendship groups was a factor I particularly enjoyed.’ – Oliver Ford.

‘Fun, challenges and freedom.’ – Aliaume Leroy

‘Jolum Jolum Jolum ( in ABBA’s money money melody) -J team at first camp’ – Jia Ying Teoh

‘Caving gave me a new and fascinating insight into Gollum’s lifestyle.’ – Magnus Fosse Boe

‘Challenge camp was a great time to bond as a year group and was the perfect opportunity for me not to think about my deadlines.’ – Julyen Renaud

‘What I liked about Challenge Camp was the realisation that you could still make new friends within a group of people you have known for over a year.’ – Maria Osman

‘The bond through an experience. Expanding my comport zone. Academic relief.’ – Andrea Cupkova

‘A blast of fresh air, free time and lots of sleep.’ – Paul Lau

‘A chance for the male, somewhat mid-life crisis, teaching staff to return to their natural environments: the wilderness.’ – Erica Jamieson

– United Words –


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