The UWC Lip Dubs

Students in UWCs seem to have found a way to showcase their beautiful campus, vibrant student life, diversity and talents in a just few minutes.

In the past two academic years, at least eight music videos made by combing lip synching and audio dubbing, or “lip dubbing”, have been produced by students of UWC Adriatic, UWC Atlantic College, UWC Costa Rica, UWC Maastricht, UWC Mahindra College, Pearson College UWC and Red Cross Nordic UWC, in alphabetical order. One was made by participants of a UWC Short Course in Israel. Here is a list of the eight UWC Lib Dubs available on YouTube:

UWC Adriatic
2011: UWC of the Adriatic – LIPDUB

Soundtrack used:
Let’s Get It Started – The Black Eyed Peas

Members of the UWCAd community (students 09-11 & 10-12, teachers and staff).
Guest appearances: Dylan Mott & Reza Rahbari.

Directed by: Andrea Longo, Paolo Malerba & Sergio Prin.
Cameraman: Andrea Longo.
Speakers: Allison Jones.
Editing: Sergio Prin.

Made in Duino, Italy.

UWC Atlantic College
2010: Gwynedd Heroes

Soundtrack used:
Hero – Enrique Iglesias

A tribute to the Ladies of Gwynedd from their Gentlemen.
Filmed entirely on the grounds of United World College of the Atlantic (AC) in the first term of 2010.)

The Gentlemen:
Osaru Isokpan – Nigeria
Timothy Lim – Malaysia
Keesje Avis – USA/South Africa
Dadkarim Mulla – Tanzania
Marton Jalkoczi – Hungary
Henry Lowrey – England
Etienne Rambaud – Mauritius
Jens ‘Marlon’ Van Straalen – The Netherlands
Jonathan Kwok – Hong Kong
Keigo Tanabe – Japan

Class 09-11

Note: Gwynedd is a student house named after a Welsh county.


UWC Costa Rica
2011: The Pura Vida Lipdub

Soundtrack used:
Beat It – Michael Jackson


UWC Maastricht
2011: UWCM – Pioneer LibDub

Soundtracks used:
We’re all in this together – HSM 1
Raise your glass – Pink
Dynamite – Taoi Cruz
I’ll be there for you – Rembrandt

 Our first UWCM Lipdub. Maastricht Pioneer Year 1! 2010-2011!


UWC Mahindra
2010: MUWCI LipDub – I Gotta Feeling

Soundtrack used:
I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas


2011: MUWCI Lipdub 2011

Soundtrack used:
Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…) – Lou Bega



UWC Pearson
2010: Pearson College Lip Dub

Soundtrack used:
Hey Ya! – OutKast 

Director :
Kay Dyson Tam,
Anna Rotman,
Alistair Blacklock.

Cameraman and Editing :Levi Westerveld

Actors : Pearson College community Year 35 and 36.

Done at Pearson College, Victoria, BC, Canada



2011: “The Safety Dance” (Various Artists)

Soundtrack used:
The Safety Dance – VA

Starring the Students and Staff of Red Cross Nordic United World College, in Flekke Norway. Filmed in and around campus May 2011.


UWC Short Course
Arava Valley of Peace, Israel
2011: Allstar – Smash Mouth – Lip Dub – Arava Valley of Peace UWC SC

Soudtrack used:
All Star– Smash Mouth

The Arava Valley of Peace is a United World College (UWC) short course in Israel with participants from all over the world who come to grow and learn about ecology and peace in one of the most beautiful places in the Middle East, the Arava Valley.
This Lip-dub video is a celebration of our friendship and common ideas about the world, was filmed in the “Green Village” towards the end of the short course in July 2011.
For more information about our project and organization you can check out our websites:,,


Note: United Words does not own any of the videos posted above. Please comment and rate on the videos’ respective pages on YouTube if you wish to reach their producers.
-United Words-


11 thoughts on “The UWC Lip Dubs

  1. In Germany, you can’t watch any of the videos because of copyright issues with the soundtrack. Would it be possible to mirror them on another site that we can watch? I’d love to show them to my friends…

    (LPC 09-11)

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