A small reflection on dress as a girl day…

„Can you help me put my bra on?‟
That was the question that my dorm mate greeted me with when I woke up on Wednesday‟s „Dress Like a Girl Day‟. Waking up to three boys putting bras on is not something one sees every day. Having boys in dresses, strutting about in high heels, pouting every time a picture is taken, is not something normally deemed accepted. It was, and perhaps will remain, one of the most surreal experiences I have had so far at AC.

The thing I found most enthralling was the enthusiasm with which the boys dressed up as girls was unbelievable. Normally, one would think that boys would never endear to the idea of putting on a dress, necklaces, make-up or, maybe, even high heels. That is not the case at AC. The fight for getting the right dresses, the havoc of taking things that we wanted, was all fuelled with so much aggression that it makes me wonder whether all boys have a secret desire to dress as girls and why we don‟t just do this more often. Maybe we all just want to look good. Or maybe we all just like to experience some freedom around our privates occasionally. Or maybe we all just wanted to make our legs freeze. I can only guess, but watching boys trembling in too-short dresses and hobbling in too-small heels was the most hilarious thing ever.

Anyway, to end this small reflection, two lessons are to be observed from this day. One, is that it‟s not easy dressing like a girl. Two, don‟t tackle heels that are too small for you.
-United Words Team-


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