Staying fit and energized at AC -An impossible task?

Heidi Egeland (Norway, Ac 2011-2013)
Even before I arrived at AC, I had heard a lot of warnings about how little time and energy I would have left over for exercising during my time here. It might not seem like an excessively worrying factor to all, it is just working out – or what? But to me and those who have learnt to appreciate the energy and feeling of peace and wellness you gain from working out – it is actually very important to fit in exercise in the daily routine.

I was quite anxious about how it would work out, but now I know. After nearly three months here at AC I can reassure all prospective students and current students that if you want to, there are multiple possibilities for exercising at this school. And that does not mean you have to join Lifeguards. Let me make some suggestions:
Running is always an accessible work out alternative. The coastal path is a quite therapeutic way to get fresh air and exercise in stunning scenery. Not just running, but walking is definitely also a great alternative- enjoying the movement in nature is the idea. I promise, after some time doing either – all worries will seem less pressing.
The gym is always open, provides a wide range of equipment for both strength and conditioning activities. And to top that you have the only easily accessible TV on campus. Why not do a thirty minute work out whilst watching your favourite TV-show?
Activities – there are so many! Different dancing styles, all kinds of ball games, combat inspired activities and many, many more – just check out the activity booklet or your e-mail…
What I am trying to say, there are many options. Then you may ask: But when and where to get the energy from?
Time is always an issue, no matter what you want to do. We only live once, and thus we have to make some though priorities. But there is definitely time to allocate. You can even save time by working out at the same time as you are doing something else. If you want to socialize (since we never ever do that in this place…), take a friend to the gym, go for a run or just attend an activity, it makes it more fun and less of a “must-do-but-do-not-really-want-to-thing”. You can read homework while you are using the bike in the gym (or knit, read and listen to music at the same time). There are so many possibilities; you just have to reach out them!
A good advice is to go to bed at a reasonable time so you do not have to sleep while you could have gone to the gym. Many seem to think they have to have plenty of excess energy to be able to work out, I would definitely disagree. Exercising provides you with energy when you do it consistently. Working out is pretty much just breaking down your body, while the restitution after will build it up stronger than before. What is better than resting after a good work out when you know the body is fixing and making a better version all by it self?
The idea with this article is simply to state that staying fit in AC is definitely not more difficult than anywhere else. I would argue it is easier. And if you ever feel uninspired, or just want some company to do some working out, do not hesitate to contact me. I am always available for an opportunity to exercise.
-United words team-


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