Reflections On Mid-term break

Erica Yokoyama (Japan, UWC AC 2011-2013)

I went to London during mid-term holiday! Oh my! It was an amazing trip! Actually, I had never even been to Cardiff before I went to London, so I was so impressed by London! It was quite different from Llantwit Major! Everything fascinated me! We went to see Buckingham palace, Big Ben, the British National museum, Westminster Cathedral, a lot of markets, and as many places as we could visit. I also enjoyed Japanese food and great fish and chips there. Everything was so exciting, but the most impressive experience in London was happened when I went to Freddie Mercury’s home.

You guys, do you love Freddie? The super cool vocalist of “Queen”! For me, he looks like the prince of the world. I had been waiting for the moment I could see Freddie’s home for 10 years, and finally achieved it! Sadly though, his house was very normal. At first, I couldn’t recognize it even though I had already passed by it several times. Google images helped me. And except for me, no one seemed to be visiting there. At the time I was taking photos of it, one car stopped behind his house. Then, two cameramen from Argentina, and one interviewer from Cowbridge got off the bus. “Are you a Freddie’s fan?,” they asked me. They were rock tour staff, and they were making a film about Queen’s 40th anniversary. They were travelling around all over the world, and explaining about the origin of Queen. I encountered them by chance, and I got a 15 minute interview with them. They were so surprised that a 17 year Japanese girl was taking a lot of photos alone in front of Freddie Mercury’s house. It was a very exciting moment during my break. I hope I will show up in their coming film!

-United Words team-

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