Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?

Guillaume Sylvain (UWC AC, Canada 2011-2013)

This question is definitely present nowadays since gay rights grow globally. It is an issue that demands a lot of questioning on what are the basic values of parenthood.

Some people might argue that a child needs a masculine and female role model, but think of all the children in welfare homes, do they grow in an environment which provides male and female role models? No, if this child was adopted by a couple of the same sex, desiring him in their family, willing to raise him and provide a safe and caring environment, the child could grow and find male or feminine models in their aunts, grand-mothers or parent‟s friends. There are 4000 children in the UK on the adoption waiting list, we shall not let them wait!

In addition, we know that nowadays, gay and lesbian teens can be bullied and go through difficult times. Well, the parents of the adopting child might be able to relate more to the problems lived by their child if he is bullied because of his gay parents, given that they have been through so similar difficulties and can help their child to go through them. This harassment towards homosexuality goes with the prejudices the society in general adopts towards them.

By allowing them to have equal rights, to marry and adopt if they desire it, to be considered as fellow citizens, we can help the prejudices to disappear and not be transmitted from generations to generations. Why would a gay couple be less efficient, less capable than a straight couple? Like every other adopting couples, they would be evaluated by competent staff and would be selected, to make sure the child evolves in the best family fit to his needs. Some raise the argument that to have gay parents might affect your sexual orientation, but many studies show that there is no link between the sexual orientation of a child versus the one his parents have. And if, in anyway, the child would discover his homosexuality, then, let‟s remember that 10% of the population is homosexual, let‟s drop our prejudices and allow rights and progress to flourish!
-United words team-


3 thoughts on “Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?

  1. Great article Guillaume, I hope this view is sinking in a bit more within the AC student body (I remember arguing in favor of this in quite a few occasions).

  2. I think that they should be able to adopt children, Their is so many children in foster homes and waiting to be adopted. Why wait i’f a gay couple will support and raise the child/chirldren as their own? Why worry if the parents are male/female, male/male or even female/female?

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