5th European Council of International Schools’ Service Learning Conference

UWC Maastricht Ready to Welcome Teachers and Students for 5th Annual ‘ECIS’ Service Learning Conference

Maastricht, 15 December 2011. UWC Maastricht will host the 5th annual European Council of International Schools’ Service Learning Conference. This will be held at the Golden Tulip Apple Park Hotel in Maastricht (NL) from 29 March – 1 April 2012. Registration has opened with places available for both teachers and students from international schools in Europe and beyond.

The conference is almost completely student led and will include guest appearances from the Mayor of Maastricht and guest keynote speaker Mr Anthony Skillicorn, author of Service is a Journey.

The main theme of the conference this year is ‘Solidarity’, a key value embraced in the UWC community. Participants will take home experiences from workshops led by students and teachers, as well as become part of UWC Maastricht’s experience in Service Learning Projects. This is a milestone for both the participating and host groups as it is also the 50th anniversary of United World College.

The conference is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of service learning in the curriculum. Service learning enables the learner to apply knowledge acquired inside the classroom to the outside world. It is aimed at creating a generation of students with a greater sense of community work and the ability to relate theoretical knowledge in their daily involvements. It incorporates the entire student body and staff with a focus on learning processes that require the participation of everyone. This responsibility brings about strong traits in each student, such as leadership skills, creativity and responsibility.

For more information, visit http://www.uwc-maastricht.com/index.php?id=163


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