My UWC Vision: Part 2 – Monetary Independence-

Mohammed Amine Belarbi ( Morocco, RCN, 2010-2012)

A huge challenge the UWCs constantly face is the financial hardship the world today’s crisis has imposed on the educational movement worldwide. The reason, UWCs mainly base their budget on the government financial support, and without tax payers the organization is doomed to collapse. What the institution failed to secure is its economic independency, since relying entirely or mostly on the economic performance of your host country is a risky bet UWC almost lost during the economic crisis which hit the world on the past years.

As a matter of fact, we students perceive the dangers of such dependency and just t
o exemplify the issue, I’ll talk from personal experience. In RCNUWC, students on student’s support have not been able to return back home in winter due to the shortage in the budget, a shortage told to result from over-expenditure on last year school budget. The shortage would’ve been a slight and temporary inconvenience if the college secured an alternative fund, a fund not related to the government allowance as these are subject to reconsideration depending on the economic habitat of the world finance. Doing so can be performed through different means: Alumni support and investment funds.

The alumni network, which expands over countries and continents, is one of the most diversified and influential of its kind, counting in its ranks over 40000 alumnus. The coupled power of 40000 well stationed individuals is not something to take on an easy stance. Yet, when the 10th year reunion brings together 100 former students in the RCNUWC campus, the amount of donations gathered doesn’t cover even 1 scholarship for a student to attend a UWC. Regardless of the financial benefit UWCs can withdraw from its student network which is not exploited enough, there is an even greater value in having a powerful network: Political influence! But this will be discussed later on in the Political influence section.

Another source of economic stability for the college is private investments directed towards ensuring revenue out of the state support as a safe option for the college economic viability. This is not out of nonsense but a conclusion drawn from the bankruptcy of state supported institutions in time of crisis. The UWC, by channeling parts of the budget or part of the donations into safe and beneficial businesses such as housing and micro-startups will in the long term, turn paper-notes into real value assets and prosperous businesses.

-United Words team-


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