My UWC Vision: Part 4 – Educational Leadership-

Mohammed Amine Belarbi (Morocco, RCN, 2010-2012)

Educational leadership cannot be acquired without geographical dominance. This is what some of the expansionist nations and empires taught us in the early days, but this way of governing is not valid in today’s world. Expansionism is becoming more of a strategic gameplay where the power is not measured by landmass but by the key cities taken down. UWC in the 21st century is not that different from an empire struggling in the battlefield. Whether it is the fight with the A-levels in the UK or the skirmish with other educational programs around the world, the battle is far from being adjourned. The IB and UWC are gaining terrain in Europe with Germany and Spain in line to host the upcoming UWC new family members, yet an important aspect has been neglected in this show of force in Europe. Whether from a financial uncertainty perspective or an educational European isolation one, the choice of Europe is becoming less appealing than ever. New horizons such as Asia and the Middle East are now developing into the potential intellectual hub of the future, especially in times where the geopolitical shift made a great leap towards the East, leaving the European soldier dragging his leg behind.

As capital and future revenue are the most important features of any investment, it is time for the UWC reconsider its European trend and deviate more towards were the money is in abundance for those willing to take it. The gulf as an example, further confirmed by the generous Qatari grant to the UWC movement, is an option the board should not disregard, especially in times where gaining recognition and implementing a certain educational layout in the East is considered a ginormous addition in the UWC success story, both as an institutionalized idea and an educational framework. The educational battle now will lay down its fierce clashes in the East, where the first to arrive will ultimately set the place for festivities for itself, and will prepare the funeral of the late comers who will doom their dominance for a deadly blast only a new geopolitical shift may heal.

-United Words team-


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