Hunger and racism

Marlene Richter (RCNUWC 1998)

Picturing hunger and misery in direct connection to ethnic origin is racist and must be considered as an offense.

Basically, what the fight against “Hunger” is about has three different dimensions:

First of all, there are many who won’t admit that they consider poverty of others as a resource. If the poverty of others is great enough, they will accept the worst conditions in mines, factories, coffee plantations and armed forces. There is a German word for this, we call it “Abspeisen”. An employer gives employees food instead of a decent salary, and by doing this, they pacify people. The receivers of the benevolent deeds are even grateful to them and give them their votes.

This is exactly what happened in the Thirties, the Third Reich, hungry people were given food, a government could be overthrown in this way. Afterwards, anybody who was among the hungry ones was found guilty of eating this kind of food.

In order to overthrow governments that the bullying allies don’t like today, they can do exactly this, they give those in need food, and have their support in return, This is political propaganda and military corruption.

And nobody would have known, because of the heavy brainwash and propaganda that shield important information from the public.

In this way, the military base in central Africa is being established, without any further media attention and discussion.

Secondly, the colonial forces ensure, that every value and any resource belongs to them, because they already had such high costs by all military efforts that have been made. Furthermore, they will consider themselves as heros by freeing the public from the “bad guys” by murdering them.

Finally, they will have to create and hype “hunger” first, in order to ensure, that they can fight it later on. They just tell the media, that everybody in Africa with black skin color is supposed to be poor, hungry and suffering.

The outcome of this, is that no dark skinned African can ever travel to the white world, without being asked, how they raised the money to pay for their flights.

All this is a disgrace. Picturing suffering and hungry children with a Latino or African look is an offense, and it must not be tolerated any longer. Especially girls and women, this is an even greater offense, because it is both racist and sexist. Any pictures and articles that portrait hunger in relation to ethnicity must be prohibited and removed.

When I first stated my opinion on the Kony video, I should not have mentioned any names of countries, because it was not my intention to offend anybody’s nationality, and secondly, there are a lot of countries that I did not name. Not in terms of nationality and people, but in terms of representation at the ICC and military activity.

I also don’t mean to offend anybody who is connected to the leadership conference, especially if you support the colleges. I mostly wish to be able to freely express my thoughts on this issue.

I appreciate if you share your views on this by commenting on this post.


One thought on “Hunger and racism

  1. Hey,

    At first I agree with your statment that the mainstream-media create a wrong picture of reality. They need the cliché of poor african children to make the peole buying the content.

    But you cant remove and prohibite all articles that protrait hunger in relation to ethnicity because you woiuld destroy discussions about the true side of this issue.

    Good essay, best regards


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