Dive deeply into the pool called Cambodia (Part II)

Back from the dark history, in a quite black mood, I am amazed by Cambodia people. I only mentioned the material lives of Cambodian people at the beginning, because I am saving the description of their spirit lives to here. They are very different from people who just experienced unbearable disasters which can be called genocides. Kids were laughing all the time. They always blinked their big bright eyes which are like black pearls. I was teaching music there. Even young toddlers came to my lessons. They were sharing the same carefree joys with kids from different backgrounds all over the world. There was no exact difference between these kids and the ones from families in peaceful developed countries. I felt and was moved by this special linkage between them and the world although they are almost separated from the outside. And the adults there were the most trustworthy and believable people I have met. They had no ideas of how to lie and being bad to people. It was funny that these adults were even more shy than kid when talking to us.

It seems like the Khmer Rouge makes the country ruins, burying both bad history and bad parts of humans inside. I admire these people that they have a special power to stand out in the ashes of their country and walk straight on to their new lives. Although life is not at its best here, these strong people are aiming for it. Cambodia is the country with little natural resources, a place where only agriculture can be the dominating work. The history made me escape and afraid of human beings. However, Cambodia people show me the light of hopes.

I volunteered in this country for 27 days. It is a very hot country. The sun here was so strong that it almost killed my skin. But I feel the warmth there, the warmth surrounding my body, the warmth transmitted even into my heart, not from the sunshine, but from the people, the Khmer people.

-The United Words Team-

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