Environmental Faculty Camp in August period

Erica Yokoyama(UWCAC 2011-2013)

Since coming back to Wales after 2 months summer break, AC students have been working for each faculty. Now, our new ‘faculty’ system has just begun. We used to have 9 ‘services’-Life guard, ILB, Social Servic, Performing Arts, Atlantic Outdoor Centre, Estate Service, Media Service, Art centre, and MEMS for years at AC. However, from this year, new system called ‘faculty’ starts. There are 4 faculties, Outdoor, Social Justice, Global Justice and Environmental Faculty. We will introduce these faculties in detail, later through this blog.

Then, now in August period, we have just started working under new organizations. I used to belong to MEMS, Marine Environmental Monitoring Service, and worked for saving oceans. But now I am a member of Environmental Faculty and working for all kinds of environment. We still clean beaches, while we make a forest garden.

From 10th to 13th of August, just after we came back to AC, some of people in environmental faculty went camping at a farm in Wales called Llananant, see more at http://www.facebook.com/LlananantFarm . We visited Sue, an ex-AC student, and worked in her farm. We were divided into some groups, and conducted several different projects. My group built a compost toilet in the farm. It was Heidi’s (UWCAC, 11-13, ,Norway) idea. The structure was quite simple, but it was much hard to achieve that than we expected. We made a small high floored hut with a hole, and put the compost toilet under that hut.  We used woods for whole hut and stairs outside, used plastic plates for roof, straw for bottom and Sue’s compost for toilet. Everything is made from Eco-friendly materials such as natural stuff and re-used.

We started with measuring and cutting logs. I found that some people were really good at dealing with carpentry. These kinds of camp always make me notice people’s hidden talents!

Welsh weather was sometimes not nice to us. The sudden rain actually wet the things we had constructed. However, we helped each other a lot, and finally we could manage to complete our ‘sustainable’ toilet.

During our construction, we could encounter a lot of great people and their animals, too. Sue’s family was really nice, and gave us amazing advice. I really hope I could be such a kind of alumni who has full of knowledge and keep pursuit my interest after graduating from AC. Also, their animals in the farm were so adorable. They have quite a lot of animals such as dogs, pigs, sheep, chickens and goats in the sites. I have never seen those animals such close, so it was a bit scare to be honest. In the end, one pig was lying under the hut of new toilet, and it was so cute. The life in the farm seems really hard generally, but I thought it might have a lot of achievements.

New Environmental Faculty was led by previous Estate service and MEMS people. Therefore, both of groups have some strongly related knowledge about environment, forest managing or ocean. Actually, we could get to know ourselves and widen our perspectives by sharing stories during camp. At first, I was so shocked that we no longer work as MEMS, but now I feel it is actually really nice to have more friends who have same spirit and interests in the same group. I really hope that this new ‘faculty’ system will work well for future of AC and worlds.


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