United World Cuisine

There are well over six thousand languages around the world today, but only one is spoken across every national border, religion, and social class. The universal tongue of food has the power to elicit a memory or emotion, to cure, to warm and to cool, to bring people together. Mealtimes are unquestionably at the heart of every society, of all social relations, and are amongst the most intimate things people can share. In fact, the art of food making and sharing is an integral part of being human. No matter how different we may be, an empty stomach will always welcome a serving of freshly home-cooked food.

The United World Cuisine cookbook has been compiled, edited and put together by UWC students with contributions from the wider UWC family. 50 mouth-watering recipes from all around the world, with colour photos and original introductions to each world region by UWC alumni, lie within the 70 page hardcover book. All profits from this project will go directly to scholarships for UWC students.

The United World Cuisine cookbook, only £15, is now available for pre-ordering with worldwide delivery on Amazon and FREE shipping in the UK. If you buy 2 books or more, you’re eligible for Amazons free shipping to several other EU countries.

Click HERE to order your copy now.


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