Ioannis Alexiou (Greece) (UWC-AC ’12-’14)

CRISIS: comes from the Greek word κρίνω (verb)(judge) -> κρίσις (noun)(crisis) –> crisis (Latin) –> crisis (English) –> crises (French) –> Krise (German)

Any crisis in the world economical, social, political and any other form of crisis is creating problems in everyone’s life. In the past few years we can easily see all around the world political, economical and social crises, sometimes even together.

In 2008 we saw the crisis in the U.S.A. with the bank system collapsing on its own dept and many people becoming homeless.

By the end of 2009 we saw a similar type of crisis appearing, in Greece, which forced Greece to enter the IMF in 2010.

In the beginning, with the entrance of Greece in the IMF, the whole EU had serious reasons to believe that Greece was a huge drawback in the whole EU’s economy. After Greece there were many countries entering the IMF, like Ireland and Portugal, and simultaneously there were many countries which were about to enter the IMF and go into the deep waters of an economic crisis.

Could you ever imagine people from the mid-high class in the society finding themselves after a few days in a situation where they were unable to fulfill their family’s basic needs? Can you imagine yourselves or even your family in a situation where you are unsure about whether you will have food for tomorrow, or not? Imagine having 25% of the population unemployed, 50% of the young people are unemployed, at the same moment thousands of people homeless, and a huge dept, in such a small country like Greece, and your governments’ defense to this crisis is simply to increase taxes and decrease salaries. We can see that day by day more stores are closing, but at the same time more “charity” organizations are formed every day.

Furthermore the economic situation is worsening day by day, but I believe that in the end the human nature-instinct will overcome all the difficulties and we will gain something.

In Greece everyone is trying to help each other and not to just look for themselves and our unity is the reason that we have survived till now with the least possible losses. One of the most important things in the Greek community is that no matter how hard the conditions and the losses that we have, are, we will try as hard as we can to stick together and support each other.

We can look through the humans history, that we always had wars, crises and other destructions and problems, but still we have managed to survive and thrive again no matter how hard it was, it is or it will be, so I think we can easily make a conclusion about the humans that we are so variable in order to overcome all the difficulties we meet on the way to a succeeded life.

-The United Words Team-

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