India Summer Project 2013 (promo)

Contributed by: India Summer Project Team 2013.

The warm sun falls through the curtains upon your face, urging you to rise. You sigh deeply, inhaling the air: Indian air. For as long as you can remember, you have been waking up to the view of blue, grey and green, the crisp water, the imposing castle and the glimmering jade grass: a-topped with morning dew. The memory floods back of the long flight and the impossible visa application, yet it was all worth it. The daily morning assembly with the children initiates the day, they will sing their national anthem, reaffirm their promise of striving to better themselves, as well as their usual morning exercises. It is the final day of the weeklong summer camp for the children of Sneha Care Home and Shining Star School, before their term starts of which you shall be teaching a class for two weeks. These children amaze you, they are some of the most lively people that the world has known- sometimes as a leader you find them a bit too lively! They have come from some of the worst walks of life, utter poverty that has prevented them from having their condition being attended to: HIV or HIV/AIDS. Coming to volunteer at Sneha, you have been given an insight into the best possible help for children with this condition and you’re proud to be a part of it. You are a student of the United World College of the Atlantic, and you really are making a difference. You smile; today is going to be a good day.

Relayed by Neha Sharma (UWC AC ’12-’14) (United Words Team)


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