UWS Cambodia Summer Project 2013 (promo)

Contributed by: UWS Cambodia Summer Project Team 2013

UWS Summer Project in Cambodia is a great volunteering opportunity in the United World Schools located in Cambodia.

Role description for a UWS Volunteer Teacher:
UWS volunteering is a challenging and exceptionally rewarding experience for young people who want to test themselves, take part in an adventure and develop life-long skills, while making a real difference to and creating opportunities for children from some of the poorest parts of the world.

Desired skills and attributes of volunteers:
– Passion for helping others and taking action to improve the quality of life of people in post conflict and poverty stricken areas
– Self-motivated and resilient
– Proactive and prepared to take initiative in challenging situations, have a can-do, problem solving attitude
– Self-confidence and high level verbal and nonverbal communication skills
– Considerate, tolerant and compassionate for others

– Participate in the village school as a teacher
– Work alongside the village school teachers to promote learning
– Interact with the students, particularly to promote engagement and creativity
– Encourage creativity to develop thinking, and to teach literacy and numeracy
– Prepare for time spent in schools by creating resources and planning lessons
– To fully research and develop cultural awareness of the individual villages
– To liaise and follow the direction of the country educational manager

Relayed by Neha Sharma (UWC AC ’12-’14, India) (United Words Team)


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