By David Widder UWC-SEA'13

At least within in our student body, there is a familiar phenomenon known as the IB Triangle. It postulates that there are three components necessary to have a healthy life; Sleep, Good Grades, and a Social Life, and that due to the nature of the IB, only two can be had at any one time.

The two components chosen can often be telling. “Nerds” (to which I identify) might choose Sleep and Good Grades, “Partiers” might choose a Social Life and Sleep, and then there are the enviable few who maintain Good Grades yet have a Social Life, but might count three hours as a good night’s sleep.

While generally accepted that it is impossible to maintain a good life balance when fighting the monstrosity that is the IB, this resigned acceptance doesn’t make it any more healthy.

This imbalance might be manageable if it were short term: short bursts of over-exertion followed by periods of relative rest. But this is not the case. Have you ever had a “holiday” where you you could truly relax, without the worry of all the school work you have to accomplish, or the resulting hell that will ensue if you neglect it and leave it till term starts again? I haven’t – well not recently anyway.

To take myself as an example, I decided, perhaps as an act of procrastination, to total up the amount of time that it would take to do all of the work I had to do this October ‘break’. I ended up with 62.5 hours. There goes my holiday. There goes my period where relaxation is hypothetically meant to occur.

And I am not alone. It is understood that if you relax during your holiday, you will regret it later.

The bottom line is that IB is too stressful too much of the time. IB is unhealthy. While some may dismiss this as whinging they are partly right. I am complaining, but about something that I believe is wrong, and deserves attention. Instead of finding things to add in order to improve the IB program, perhaps the IBO should take the reverse approach: focus on letting their followers be truly well rounded, or at the very least, triangular.

Relayed by  Liliana CARRILLO BARBA
-United Words Team-

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