AC Choir

 Katherine Condon (UWCAC, United Kingdom '13-’15)

“As the choir is made up of singers from varied backgrounds and nationalities, the repertoire is diverse..”

There has been a choir at Atlantic College since the late 1960s, existing almost as long as the college itself. This year, the choir is made up 50 members divided into the four sections Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, who meet twice a week for rehearsals on Mondays and Wednesdays.  At the beginning of the year, the choir was instructed by Tyler, an intern from Luther College in the United States. As well as being a gifted singer and choir director, Tyler has experience in musical theatre, and therefore focused on developing the performance aspect of the choir. He would often encourage us to convey the message of songs through gesture and facial expression. He was very lively and always brought energy and enthusiasm to the rehearsal. Without fail, he created a caring, nurturing environment. Nevertheless, Tyler finished his internship at the college in October. Since then, the choir has been directed by Chris, Head of the Music Department at the college. Chris has been wonderful; the improvement in our sound and technique has been phenomenal. As the choir is made up of singers from varied backgrounds and nationalities, the repertoire is diverse. We have sung classical arrangements, such as ‘Dreams of Thee’ by Eric William Barnum, and religious pieces, including ‘Non nobis Domine’ by William Byrd. We have also practiced ‘O-re-mi’, a Nigerian ‘Highlife’ song, and ‘Frankie and Johnny’ an American ballad. The choir has also been fortunate enough to sing songs composed by Higher Level Music students. Performing ‘Dies Irae’ composed by first-year Rashmi Crockford and ‘Agnus Dei’ by Ingvild Wie in the Wednesday night concert last week was a highlight of term. All of the choir’s preparation and practice goes towards developing a selection of songs to perform on the choir tour in March. During Project Week, the choir will travel around Northern Italy giving concerts in cathedrals and town halls. It will be an unforgettable experience with an unforgettable group of individuals, bonded by their love for creating music.

-United Words Team-

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