Transitioning into the AC Lifestyle

Article by Kayla Burrowes (UWCAC 2015-2017)

Six weeks. It’s been six weeks since we’ve all picked up and left the norm behind. Six weeks since we’ve said our last goodbyes to those we love, since we’ve packed up our entire lives in suitcases and shipped ourselves off, sometimes across the world or, for others, around the corner. Nevertheless, it’s been six weeks since. For some, six weeks may seem like six minutes and to others it may seem like decades. It’s from simple things like how time plays out on us, that we can begin to discover how different we all are.

For some, the differences are like opening a present each time they are able to break through another layer of a friend, unleashing a whole new person to explore; and for others, it may be a struggle to even break through that first layer and are left hanging on at the seams as they are left out of the fun that lies beneath. I speak for those who do have a hard time of letting go of past relationships, friendships, contacts etc. and are finding it to be an extra task to relive the entire experience of having to make friends. If you’ve ever wished you had your best friend by your side, walking together to classes, knowing exactly where to sit in the dining hall and never having to feel alone because you know your best friend is somewhere looking for you just as your searching for them in the crowd, then you know what I mean. We’ve all had that moment of weakness, that moment of wondering, did I make the right decision?

Weeks go by, and soon those moments of weakness become less and less. You’re no longer lonely on your walks to class, you’re no longer lingering awkwardly by the door of the dining hall searching for a seat, but instead walking straight to a seat beside all the welcoming faces of your co-years and second years. Oddly enough, you begin calling your dorms “home”, which maybe five weeks ago, was the furthest thing to being a home. That’s what AC has done in just six weeks. Its paved the way for new long lasting friendships and experiences. Its created a second home for all of us and introduced us to our new family, the AC family. It may be hard, it may be different, but it is manageable. Those who felt out of place in the beginning are now letting out sighs of relief as this finally begins to feel like where we all belong.

AC has done so much in a matter of six weeks, imagine the possibilities in two years. Maybe those die hard carnivores that grunt every time the phrase “meat free Mondays” is uttered will be veggie fanatics by the end of the year. Maybe those that squeal at the sight of mud in the valley will become the new face of the environmental faculty or even those, like me, who dread this weather will soon be out in shorts begging to go lie out on the fields. Who knows? Anything can happen in a span of as little as fifteen minutes and we have two full years under our belts. Here’s to AC!


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