Article by: Letter… (UWC AC, ’15-’17)

Today, I saw a single star in the evening sky. While one side of the sky was dark, the other still burnt bright in the setting sun. As soon as I saw it, I started looking for another one as I remembered something I had heard in my village.

In the small village in the great Himalayas of India, they say that if you see a single star in the sky then you must wait until you spot one more star, otherwise you would live a lonely life – just like that star. It was something that the old people in the village said and is now carried on. It obviously seemed a superstition but I was always told to wait until I saw another star before I looked away. It was a really good way to stop and admire the beauty of nature too and not just rush our lives and I had never really thought about it, until today.

As I started thinking about it, another thought filled me up- The star may be the only one at that time but another way to look at it was that it was the first to appear. It was the first sign that pointed towards the starting of a new phase of the day. It was the very first of the bright lights that would light the dark night up. That one star lead them all.

It was only for this little time when it was alone because it would soon be joined by others. It starts out as one, but pulls in many. It took a chance to be different-to be the difference- to stand out bravely while the others hid as the sun shone in its glory.

However, this one star challenged the sun and shone brightly than all other little lights. And I learnt from that star what it meant to be ‘the only one’. So, we must be like the one star but wait for other stars to be there too. Once we take the courage to be that one star, we must be patient and look out for others. Leaders are not leaders if there is no one to stand with them. No matter how bright or beautiful or brave we may become, we still need all the other stars to beautify the night. The loneliness should never come in our way because there is always a source point from where the ray of hope starts and then spreads to light up the world.

To me, the star looks beautiful even when alone. In fact, it makes the twilight even more beautiful and I can’t help but look at it while the setting sun paints the background hues, urging us to look past the mist that covers our eyes, admire the beauty that surrounds us and understand the brave, bright, single star as it shines ever brightly like a magical lamp in the darkening sky.


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