UWC Festival

Article by Sara Yamasaki (UWCAC 2014-2016)

On the 12th of September in one of Atlantic College’s fields, we cerebrated the UWC day. We wanted to make something that relates to the mission but also shows what UWC is like. The festival was a student initiative and the organizing group was student led. The student initiative team planned everything and had started last academic year. They first gathered together in May before the summer to brainstorm what they would like to do for the festival. They wanted to do something that represents UWC, something we are proud of, something we think makes UWC different from other schools. They didn’t want it to be organized only by them, but by everyone in the school; even the new first years should be involved. Throughout the day of the festival, there were student led workshops such as teaching dance, cultural activities and sports. There were also student performances by singers and bands, and students’ art was put on show.

Flags flapping, people dressing in their national costumes and cooking meals from different the continents; even the Welsh weather was shining like summer. At 14:30 the UWC festival at AC began! We had a student band performance and students walking around the houses to enjoy the food. The organizers decided to allocated each house a continent whose food they could cook in the morning and present to the school in the afternoon. We had dance workshops, cultural workshops and traditional games such as a sack race and a potato-spoon race. There were enjoyable things everywhere. I myself cooked sushi as a dishes and lead the origami and calligraphy workshop. I am proud that so many people participated and helped out with the festival. People where laughing, playing games and enjoying the activities. Having various cultural activities at the same time can only happen at UWC.

The UWC festival was a big success! People enjoyed the workshops, food and the festival itself. We heard that other UWCs around the world had also had a successful day and that alumnus in universities cerebrated the day in their respective places too. I hope that the UWC festival will be remembered by people and that they will be looking forward for next year’s UWC festival at AC.


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