Madagascar 4: AC’s Most Talented

Article by: Xahra Ashraf (UWC AC ’15 – ’17)

Movie Review

Title: AC’s Got Talent (2015)

Director(s): Student Financial Support

Stars: Embla, Alina, Yali, Sebastien, Kimberley, Sara Y. Jennifer, Melody, David, Yuko, ACapella, Powgannwg, Janine, MOVE & Piers.

Rating: 100% Hot Damn

If you’ve ever watched the movie Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, and you felt a burst of adrenaline rush through your veins as the animals magically soared and flipped through the air, and performed the most daring of tricks, whilst your heart pounded rapidly to the beat of Katy Perry’s legendary song Fireworks and the neon lights kept you mesmerised as it stole your breath away, then you definitely know how it felt to watch Atlantic College’s 2015 Talent Show, last Saturday night.

Although there were no flashy lights, pounding music nor trapeze-flying lions and motorbike riding bears, the simplicity of the whole show made all the talent that night ever so raw, and exposed, and simply beautiful. The notes that floated from the fingers that skilfully flew across the piano kept me entranced, while the voices of those who sang sent chills down my spine. The dancers kept me sitting on the edge of my seat as they moved phenomenally across the stage; those in groups impressing me with their clockwork like skills as they danced to the beat in perfect synchronisation. The magician’s trick astounded me and I applaud him for his little comedic comments that kept us amused as well as his unique use of a dictionary for I have never seen the use of a dictionary in a magic trick before. The guitarist electrified the air as she passionately played her awesome-looking bass and made me wish that I could be as cool as her. The Shakespeare of our century hypnotised us with his powerful voice and managed to transport us back to Ancient Rome; a feat very few can achieve — not to mention how he managed to memorise such a long verse. That definitely made our jaws drop (and what a skill that would be to have when it comes to exams). And finally, the surprise rap performance that everybody went wild for — the performance that went on even though there was a technical difficulty halfway through. And, trust me, if you can whip up some impromptu rapping on the spot then you must be one talented rapper with mad skills.

But the show would not have been complete without the amusing little tidbits and sweet compliments that the judges fed us. Their witty lines had us clutching our tummies and their praises had the audience nodding eagerly in agreement. Moreover, let’s not forget our two hosts who kicked off the show with a hysterically funny rating and disclaimer as well as a superb dance opening. And of course it was them who kept the show thriving and alive throughout the night.

To top it all off, all this overwhelming talent that was squeezed into one hall, in one night, was not just to make talentless people (me) cry, but it was also to raise money for the Student Financial Support. So not only did we get to watch a magical night of pure skill and raw talent, we were able to contribute to a good cause too!

So thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this show — from the SFS team, to the tech support, to the judges, to the performers and of course, to all those who came to support it (because a show is not a show if it does not have an audience!) — thank you for making AC’s 2015 Talent Show one awesome night to remember.

And now, for my final verdict… (drumroll please)

After having lived through that spectacularly sensational show, I can confidently say that AC most definitely has talent, and as for it’s rating? A concrete 10 out of 10 hot damn.


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