Music Unites People

Article by Elina Fakhretdinova  (UWCAC 2016-2018)

What is so great about music? Everything. We might all be from all over the world and have different cultures, but there is one thing that every culture has in common: music. It is a huge part of everyone’s life and unites people and culture. We all love music.

Music is always able to break through social boundaries. When we have nothing, we still have music. It doesn’t matter if you are from USA or England, you will love similar music anyway. We listen to it regardless of the language that the song is sung in.

Similar music tastes bring us together. I met so many amazing people from all over the world just because we like the same band. I made so many great friends with people who love the same music as I do. It is impossible to describe what you feel when you find a great friend through music.

I know that a lot of teenagers are pretty much dependent on the music. We listen to it when going somewhere or doing homework or just cleaning. It has become the only thing that helps us make it through the day. It’s like a form of hope that helps you to get through life’s struggles. It just makes our lives better.

It means so much to me just being able to meet even more amazing people through music. We become friends almost immediately after discovering that we have same music taste. And I think that it is absolutely amazing how fast we make friends if we love the same music.

I have a playlist, which adds up to nine hours of music, I’m sure a lot of people can relate to it.  I feel like other times music becomes part of my daily routine. I enjoy every second of every song that I listen to, and I will always be grateful for all the friends I’ve made through music and the bridges it makes.


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