United Words (UW)

By people from everywhere for people from everywhere

United Words began as a student-led initiative at Atlantic College, initiated by Valentin Jeutner, aiming to promote the United World Colleges ideals and to provide a platform for dialogue within the UWC Movement. The webpage http://www.unitedwords.org, created in November 2007 with the financial support of two AC graduates, features articles and videos on UWC and global issues. The United Words network has now expanded to include students from other UWC colleges and schools around the world.

It is our belief that the international environment of a UWC provides the best opportunity to examine global issues from different perspectives. After all, a Chinese student commenting on China, the lives of Chinese people and their own story is not comparable to the news report submitted by a foreign journalist, however experienced they may be.

United Words has been recognized by the International UWC Office as the Official UWC Student Magazine since March 2008. The website has continued to develop with over 150,000 people visiting the blog at a day rate of more than 150 visitors. We welcome suggestions and articles.

Feel free to leave us a comment below or contact the team at info@unitedwords.org

The current editors-in-chief are: Joyce Xiaowen Liu, Katie Condon, Tsering Say and Daro Nakshbande (UWC Atlantic College ’13-’15)

United World Colleges (UWC)

“UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.”

United World Colleges (UWC) is a unique global educational movement that brings together students from all over the world – selected on personal merit, irrespective of race, religion, politics and the ability to pay – with the explicit aim of fostering peace and international understanding.

The UWC concept was conceived in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War by German educationalist Kurt Hahn. Hahn believed that much could be done to overcome religious, cultural and racial misunderstanding and avoid conflict if young people from all over the world could be brought together. Today there are 13 UWC colleges and schools across five continents, each with its own distinctive character, but sharing a common mission and values.

Students and staff from many different nationalities and a wide variety of backgrounds form vibrant and enthusiastic communities as they live and work together. High academic standards, a strong emphasis on community service and a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities are all part of the challenge and excitement of a UWC education.

UWC colleges and schools are supported by a network of volunteer National Committees in over 130 countries.

National Committees promote UWC to prospective students, encourage and support applications, select students, based on merit and potential to represent their country and prepare students for their UWC experience. Some national committees also run short programs.

Visit the UWC website for more information.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. i want to go to UWC, and i am hoping to get selected. this means so much to me.

    i come from a country where there is conflict and racial discrimination.

    Going to such a school would be like a dream coming true….to be in a place where so many people from different countries and different backgrounds work and live together to bring change.

    I want to be a part of it, and only UWC could do so.

  2. I seriously want to be a part of these colleges. The activities and projects that they offer are really interesting. I am trying to get selected for one of the UWC. Knowing people of different cultures and countries is one of my favorites. I usually spend time learning about different countries, watching shows and movies. Being in the UWC will be like the ideal place for me and I’ll be able to learn so much from them.

  3. Hi, I wanted to send you the following message but it was high-jacked to a failed address (ac11tabi@atlanticcollege.org). Perhaps someone forgot to switch off the forwarding function… My message was:


    I only now happened on your fascinating blog. If you send out a newsletter and/or the latest posts could you include me in your mailing list?

    Best wishes,
    Thomas Richers
    (AC 63-65)

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